A Word About Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales... (And any other sales tbh)

black friday and cyber monday deals are here. But should you buy just BECAUSE IT'S ON SALE?

We live in such a consumer-driven society and seeing the word 'sale' obviously sparks emotions and action in people, myself included. We all want a good deal and I feel like I rarely ever pay full price for things anymore (thank you affiliate codes!). But what about the feeling of needing to buy something just because it's on sale? Is that wise? If it's a natural health tool you've been eyeing, it might be worth it, and here's why... 

But first a little reminder that you don't have to purchase anything on sale this holiday season. One way to help your hormones and not contribute to the massive consumerism in the world is to actually NOT buy things that go on sale. Do you really need 10 more Bath and Body works candles?! No, and your hormones will thank you so much by actually getting rid of the 30 others that you currently have stockpiled in your house ;) Synthetic fragrance is trash for your hormones, btw, so ditch those candles. Plus, some of the best things you can do for your hormones are actually free, so don't underestimate their power!

If you do want to purchase something new for your health this season, here's my argument for it and why it might benefit you. A lot of natural health tools, supplements, etc are pricey. That's an excuse a lot of people use to not live healthier. "I can't afford it," "That's way out of my price range," etc. But then they spend that money on other products that don't benefit them the way they're looking for, they get another pair of leggings when they have five other great pairs in their closet, or they treat themselves every day to a $5 coffee. I won't get into how people choose to prioritize their money, but you get my point. They sometimes do have the money and then spend it elsewhere. I digress...

The saying "you get what you pay for" is accurate, and some of these tools and technology are very beneficial to the body and made with top of the line materials and ingredients. They are not cheap to manufacture, therefore, not cheap to purchase. But if people have done their research on a specific wellness tool, truly feel like it will be beneficial, and it's still out of their budget when they want to purchase, steep discounts that are usually offered during BF/CM allow them to make that high quality purchase they've been wanting!  So many high-quality supplements and tools that I have in my house were purchased during some sort of sale over the last couple years. I usually use an affiliate link to not only get additional stacked savings, but I also love helping support the people who introduce this stuff to me. It's a win win for everyone, and I'm so appreciative of when you use my personal links! 

Some of my favorite wellness tools I use and love to help balance my hormones and live more naturally include my Pranamat, TempDrop, infrared sauna, WaveBlock EMF stickers, Ningxia super antioxidant drink, and Lumebox red light (just purchased and am SO excited to use it!). Other things that are on my wishlist for next year include a water filter for at least our drinking water, and an AirDoctor because so many toxins and endocrine-disrupting chemicals are in our indoor air! For now, I'm using the filter in our fridge for water and opening up our windows a bit in the winter to get more of that fresh air circulating. Every little thing truly does make a difference, even if it doesn't seem like it. 

If you've been eyeing something a little spendier this year, you've been thinking about it for a while, done the research, really feel like it will help you along your healing journey, and you see the notification that it's on sale? I say go for it! Here's a list of some of my favorites and my links, which will save you even more:
  • Pranamat accupressure mat (up to 30% off mat sets- use code SYDNEY)
  • TempDrop basal body thermometer (up to 30% off + additional 10% off with my link)
  • Ningxia, Progessence Plus, and Thieves cleaner (25-35% off + 24% off entire order + additonal 10% off with code SHAREYL + cash back into your account when you make it your first Loyalty order)
  • WaveBlock EMF stickers (BOGO- use code SVELOZ)
As always, I truly appreciate if you decide to use my links and I don't recommend products that I haven't personally benefitted from. And if you don't buy anything on sale at all this holiday season, you're doing just fine and the world won't end because you declined a sale offer. You're doing great ;)

Just so you know, I may earn a commission off the links on my blog at no cost to you through various affiliate programs. I appreciate your support and love sharing my favorite products with you! :)


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