Are You Missing This Crucial Piece In Your Hormone Healing Journey?
I remember when I was about to get off birth control. Very excited, ready to start trusting in my body, and finally get to a point where I don't have to be on birth control for my acne and hormones. I did my research, ordered a few supplements that I thought would help me, did a few quick "I am powerful" affirmations, and was ready to crush this journey!! And it started out fine for the first little bit! Feeling invincible and like this was going to be a walk in the park, I went about my merry way and was loving not being on birth control anymore! However, that was only for the first month. And then it happened...

My first post-birth control symptom. And then my next. And then a different one. All in a matter of the last half of the year, which is normally busy and stressful with holidays anyways. My once optimistic self now shriveled up into this helpless soul, begging the universe to help my confused body and take away the literal pain. I didn't know what to do. I mean, I sort of did, but how was I supposed to go on living my life when all of these symptoms came up to make me self conscious and question whether I'd have my "normal" self back again? 

What made it all even worse? I had no one going through it with me, so I didn't have anyone who could relate to my misery. My boyfriend only sort of knew what was going on and he was as supportive as he could be. But he didn't really understand it all because he wasn't going through it like me! It wasn't his body that was changing almost every week and his brain that was trying to make sense of it all. 

Now, normally I'm a very happy and optimistic person. But I remember crying constantly at home because I felt like my body was failing me and my hope for healing my body was at an all-time low. I was struggling constantly, didn't know how to help support my body during this hard time, and even considered getting back on birth control a few times. But I didn't want to. I had this dream of being completely birth control free, and gosh darn it, I would make it happen. Through tears and all. 

I remember following some new accounts on Instagram in the natural health world and I would like their posts, so they would show up more frequently for me. All of a sudden I was inundated with these hopeful posts about healing your body and not having to worry about certain illnesses and stuff. What did all of these posts have in common? 

Belief in your body's ability to heal itself. 

Stay tuned for Part Two coming up soon! You'll need it when you're going through the rough patches. Let me know what you think down below. Do you TRULY believe your body can heal or do you struggle with it? 

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