IUD Removal (Part 3)

I didn't expect to be sitting in the waiting room an hour after my IUD was out.

Yeah, we had other plans that afternoon, but of course my body said nope, we're staying right here. I was losing my hearing, vision, and all my senses and was seconds away from passing out on the exam table. Why?? My IUD was finally out and I felt like I had no reason to be feeling this way. But I did and it was a familiar feeling. 

I remember feeling it one time when I gave blood. And then another time when I was getting blood work for a job and they took what seemed like tons of vials of blood to run tests on. And then when I had my IUD inserted. It was like my body was screaming at me to NOT do whatever it was that I was doing. 

So I went back to Dr. Google and posted in one of my natural health Facebook Groups about my experience. I needed to know what happened so I could prepare for future instances. I mean, I want to eventually have a home birth and if I can't even get my IUD taken out without feeling like this, how was I supposed to birth a human unmedicated?! (Side note: I applaud all moms who have had home births with little to no intervention. That seems so freaking cool and powerful to me and I want to experience it!) 

Vasovagal Syncope.  HUH?! Basically it's when your blood vessels open too wide or the heartbeat slows down, causing a temporary lack of blood flow to the brain and can contribute to that fainty feeling. Or when blood pressure drops drastically Ugh. I cringe even writing about it and remembering the feeling.. It's kind of like this big shock to your system which quite literally shocks your body into panic mode.

I remember trying SO hard to fight it too with meditations and affirmations and reminding myself everything is going to be okay. Obviously I need a bit more practice until my body can fully surrender to my thoughts. I'm a big believer in how powerful our thoughts are, but sometimes it seems like no amount of healing thoughts will help. Even a slight hesitation or worry can completely throw off our best intentions to stay calm. 

Obviously I'm completely fine now that my IUD is out and has been out for a few months at the time of writing this. And I don't share this to scare you into inserting or removing your IUD. I share because my story is important and valuable and if I can provide any hope or support during your transition, I will share. The good and the bad, because it's never always rainbows and butterflies. The lightning storms will happen too. And then they'll pass. :)

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