Please Say Something Else

As a health and wellness advocate, I hear these excuses all the time.

No matter how much you try and educate people about certain things that may be harmful to them, there's always those people who comment back the inevitable, and it usually sounds something like this... 

"We're all gonna die anyways. Might as well enjoy life."
"Everything's poisonous, so what's the point?"
"That's fear mongering. Everything is harmful."
"I'm here for a good time, not a long time."

All of these statements are valid statements for the person. I understand where they're coming from. And I agree with most of them (but in a different way). To me, it signifies that the person is so set in their ways and they don't see the value of changing things up, so they use these common excuses. That's totally fine! To each their own. However, if you're reading this, I'd be willing to bet you're different, just like me. We want more for our lives and we're willing to learn and grow. So let's rephrase these in a way that not only validates those feelings, but puts the control back in your hands. Because you have a lot more of it than you realize. 

"We're all gonna die anyways. Might as well enjoy life."- Yes, this is true. None of us are immortal. And I think it's true that most of us want to enjoy life. But what's your definition of enjoyment? It doesn't have to come with binge drinking/eating until you're sick, not being able to get out of bed in the morning because of your intense period pains that you mask with OTC drugs or prescriptions, being diagnosed with something "all of a sudden" that most definitely didn't just come up all of a sudden, etc. You can enjoy life AND give a crap about the health and wellness of your body and mind.

"Everything's poisonous, so what's the point?"- Everything is a poison if you have too much of it. But there is most definitely a 'point' when it comes to ditching out toxic products for safer versions. Especially when it comes to your hormones, they function at an extremely small level, so every endocrine disrupting chemical that is hiding in your products impacts your hormones. And all of that bioaccumulates. Not to mention that 90-95% of cancers are NOT genetic, and are due to our environment. A big part of our environment? What we put in, on, and around our bodies. It matters. 

"That's fear mongering. Everything is harmful."- Just because you come across a piece of information that doesn't align with your worldview and how you see things, doesn't mean it's false. And doesn't mean it's fear mongering. I encourage you to always have an open mind about things, because that information might be just what you're needing to fix your problem. You wouldn't know it though if you're too stubborn to even consider it. 

"I'm here for a good time, not a long time."- I agree! I'm also here on this earth for a good time, and hopefully a long time since my goal is to live to be 100. So why wouldn't you want to spend your time here on earth being the healthiest, happiest version of you? One that isn't in pain, on dozens of prescription medications that only mask symptoms, and only half enjoying your life/living for the evenings and weekends? Life is short. Don't live it being sad and unhealthy. 

Stop making excuses for yourself. When you're in a stuck mindset, nothing is going to change. Period. When you don't take care of your health in your teens, early adulthood, and beyond, you're setting yourself up for a long and painful journey to the end of your life, whenever that may be. You may not realize it right now and the effects of your actions might not be apparent until years or decades down the road. But it truly does add up and will catch up to you. And then what do most people say when they're sick?

"I'd do anything to feel better." 

Start now, friend. Make the better, healthier choices now so you can actually enjoy your life that you do have. You never know when it will be taken away from you. When you think about it, your health is all that you have <3

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