Why Is This So Scary to Us?

Why does it seem like getting off birth control is scarier than getting on it?

We don't usually bat an eye when getting on birth control (BC). We go to the doctor, tell them our issues and symptoms we're having, they prescribe us the pill, ring, IUD, etc., and then we're on our way to the pharmacy to pick it up. We start taking the medication, start seeing our symptoms fade, and don't think much else of it. Maybe we don't think anything of being on BC until we're ready to get off, which could be months, years, or decades later. And then the panic starts to set in. 

We start to look up other people's experiences of getting off and what they went through. We wonder what might happen to us on our transition off. We wonder if it's even worth it to get off when we'd been on for so long. We wonder if we're ever going to be able to have kids or if we can ever get our debilitating pain under control naturally. When we allow it to, our minds wander and make up all these stories that (most likely) are not true. And then, all of a sudden getting off BC seems scary to us. 

Getting back to our true selves seems scary to us. Most of us don't even remember what that looked like because we'd been controlled by these synthetic hormones in BC for however long. As humans, we crave habits. We crave safety and security. Sometimes that safety looks like staying on BC because we're unsure of how to support our bodies off. We don't know any other way of living life and supporting our hormones naturally. 

But I challenge you to think about this for a second...

How is getting back to our natural self more scary than being on a medication with dozens of negative side effects? How is learning to be in tune with our body's rhythms more scary than having an increased risk of death and blood clots? How is getting back to a simpler life where we ditch the endocrine disruptors in favor of utilizing tools to support our hormones more scary than blindly trusting that this medication isn't completely trashing your brain and body? 

How is getting yourself back more scary than losing yourself to birth control?

It all shouldn't be. The only reason we think it's more scary is because we don't know any other way. I promise you, though, when you find that new way and that new you, you'll wonder why you were so scared to get off in the first place. 

You owe it to yourself to consider ditching your birth control. To actually see how much more light you can bring to the world by being your full, authentic self completely free of birth control. If you're anything like me, your entire being and outlook on life will change for the better. And there's nothing scary about that. 

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