Let's Talk About Fear Mongering
Fear mongering is commonly thrown around in the natural health world by people who claim that certain things are shared to scare us. 

In my opinion, I think they to do that to avoid responsibility for whatever topic is being discussed, or because the person doesn’t want to learn more about things, or that it doesn’t fit their current world view about the topic. It’s easier to blame fear mongering. 

Especially when we talk about toxins in our every day products, and more specifically endocrine disrupting chemicals, I don’t think spreading awareness about these harmful toxins is fear mongering. A LOT of people still don’t know that these things are harming their hormones or maybe preventing them from getting pregnant. It’s heartbreaking to see people continue to struggle, and at the same time share about their newest candle they bought or Bath and Body Works perfume they’re obsessing over 😞

It makes a HUGE difference by ditching out products for saver versions. There are so many great options out there and some of them have worked way better than the conventional toxin-filled versions I used to use. 

Better yet, my body is healing and I’m my best when I allow my body to be supported by the products I use versus having to use my energy to fight off the toxins. 

I’ll continue to share about this because it‘s a big freaking deal to our hormones. And you have more control than you think. Give your body the support it needs to heal and watch it perform miracles for you 🩷
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