Fun Fact Friday: Nontoxic Cookware and What We're Currently Using

Fun Fact Friday: Nontoxic Cookware and What We're Currently Using

is your cookware toxic? It could be contributing to your hormone problems. 

Happy Friday! :) If you haven't watched my Fun Fact Friday video on non-toxic cookware, check it out on my Facebook or Instagram! Lots of nonstick cookware is made with teflon, which is a suspected carcinogen (cancer causing), hormone disruptor, and reproductive toxin! Teflon is also a known toxin to birds, which can kill them if they are in the kitchen while using Teflon pots and pans!! Teflon exposure has also resulted in flu-like symptoms in humans. Super scary!!

Tonight I wanted to share a bit on what we're currently using in terms of non-toxic cookware. But first, a confession.. I know I talked about not using scratched non-stick cookware in my video because it can leach even more toxins into the air and food when heated up. Right now we have some non-stick pots and pans that are not brand new. We've used them for about a year and a half and although I was reminded to not use metal utensils since it will scratch the coating off, Jesse and I are human. We're lazy. Stuff happens. So we have scratches in most of our skillets that we're STILL using.. WHAAA?! I know. I need to take my own advice!!

However, we DO have one cast iron skillet that we consistently use throughout the month. Jesse and I bought one and I bought him a small one last Christmas that we don't use too often. Now that I know we shouldn't really be using scratched cookware, I'll for sure be using that smaller one more often!

Other cookware we use are our stainless steel Instant Pot and ceramic crock pot, as well as glass dishes to bake with. You guys, I'm not the cook in the family, but all this talk about cooking and baking is making me hungry and inspiring me to experiment more in the kitchen! Does anyone have any good recipes for fall baking or cooking? I'm all ears! That's it for tonight. Remember, every little non-toxic decision you make adds up. Little things here and there that you can do to benefit your health will ultimately benefit you in the long run. You're worth it! :)

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