So How Long After Birth Control Will It Take To Get My Period Back?

So How Long After Birth Control Will It Take To Get My Period Back?

the question everyone has after getting off birth control.. when will my cycle go back to what it was?

Listen, I'm not a doctor, so I can't really predict your exact timing (but it's not like they really can either, let's be honest...). But one of the questions I see a ton is "When will I get my period and when will my cycle become regular again?" Or I see "My period was regular when I was on the pill and now that I'm off, it's all weird with the timing and flow and stuff." 

I need to stop right here and address something before we proceed. 

With this last example, it's common to think that by getting off birth control, your period is irregular. Doesn't it seem that way if it was regular when you were on birth control?! Your bleeding on birth control isn't actually a period at all. It's a withdrawal bleed from not taking the medication (WHAAT!?). Yeah. It's not real. Sorry to burst your bubble. When you get off birth control is when you start having your real periods and that irregularity is your body's way of trying to reregulate your hormones and figure out its natural state again! It's totally okay and nothing to worry about! You're not broken forever, I promise :)

Okay, back to timing. When will you get your first actual period after getting off birth control? Well, that totally depends and honestly will probably be different for each person, why you went on birth control to begin with, and how long you were on it in total before ditching it altogether. They say for every year you were on birth control, it'll take approximately that many months for your hormones and body to get back to its pre-birth control state. So if you were on birth control for five years, it might take your body five months to regulate itself. And I'd say five months at minimum! There's a lot more to getting off birth control and hormone regulation than just not taking a pill anymore, so give yourself more time than you think! 

So you've read this and have been on birth control for a decade or longer and feeling a bit hopeless? I can imagine! Please don't think like that though. If you're really serious about not being on birth control anymore, take the time now to get into a healing mindset for this journey you're about to go on. It will suck. It will take time. And if you keep pushing it off because you don't want to wait that long for your body to heal, you'll further delay that time that you could be using to implement steps to heal your body quicker! 

Need help? I'm here for ya :) I've done this transition before and I took WAY longer than seven months to heal my body (I was on birth control for seven years). I also had no idea what I was doing at the time and have since learned what I should have been doing to prepare for the transition and during those first few months off birth control. 

Start off by determining your why for getting off birth control. It'll make things much easier in the long run. Then, jump into my community where all the magic secrets are stored. We discuss all things post-birth control, including things that will help speed up your transition process and lifestyle tips to support your hormones! I promise you'll get a gold nugget out of it that you didn't otherwise know and we have fun in there too ;) You've got this, I believe in you, and I can't wait to see you again! 
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