Hi, I'm Sydney! Welcome to my corner of the internet :)

Hey friend! So excited you found me! I'm just your average 27 year old sharing about her experience coming off birth control because I think it's SO important. Let me share a bit about myself!

Why am I so passionate about hormones and healing off birth control? Buckle up and take a ride along with me.. I promise it's worth a read

It was summer of 2019 when I decided to do some research into what was going on behind the scenes of my birth control

I was just like everyone else. Prescribed birth control in my early teens to help alleviate a symptom that was hormonally-driven and driving me bonkers! For me, that was my acne. It was the cystic kind, it hurt, nothing was helping that the dermatologist gave me. Why not try birth control? And oh yeah preventing pregnancy was a cool perk too! 

After being introduced to the ways that hormonal birth control can seriously impact your body in my mid-twenties, I continued to read and learn. Reading and learning things about birth control that I had never heard about until then! My doctor sure as heck didn't tell me this stuff, or if she did, I didn't listen because I was too busy feeling grown up and cool for being on birth control in high school. 

Fast forward to 2019 and I was finally ready to get off. I did my due diligence as much as I could and I was ready for this change. 

September 2019 was the appointment where I was going to get my non-hormonal IUD, ParaGard. I needed something as a backup and sure as heck didn't trust myself tracking naturally (yet)! 

<------This was me a couple days after I got the IUD when we were in Nashville loving life and not sure what to expect with my hormones!

So what happened then? Life went on as normal, I got my real period back right away, and had no problems or post-birth controls symptoms at all. Easy peasy? HA I WISH. 

I wouldn't be here blabbing to you about hormonal birth control and the transition off if I had a grand experience. And I'm not going to sugarcoat it and say "Oh it'll be easy, you'll do great!" Because it very well probably will not be easy and it won't be great. But does that mean it'll always be that way? Heck no! 

Throughout my transition process, I learned a ton about my body, about the people around me, about true health, and about staying humble and kind to myself.

I learned that not everyone will get why you're doing this and try to drag you down and convince you to go back on it because they're the "same hormones your body makes" (don't listen to them; they're very different). It can be lonely and I was in tears more often than not. No one understood me and why this was so important for me to go through. 

Oh yeah, and I also learned that our bodies are freaking MAGICAL AF and designed to
  heal. Yeah you heard me! You can heal and you don't have to rely on medication to cover up your symptoms anymore. 

Give your body the right environment and tools to succeed and watch it thrive!!  

Okay, that sounds all fine and dandy, but I bet you're thinking "I'm a special butterfly. I need more help. It's not that easy. I can't heal my body and my hormones. It's just too hard."

Everyone's hormone symptoms and reason for getting on birth control and healing journeys are different and that's okay. But you know what? If you don't truly think you can heal, you never will. 

It's that simple. 

Oh, also our world is filled with toxins that are harming your hormones, impacting your fertility, likely causing your painful periods and inflammation, and truly preventing you from living your best life and having your best hormones. Don't believe me? That's okay! I wish you all the luck ;)

My goal is to watch you succeed. To educate people on the ways birth control is impacting their body that their doctors "forgot" to tell them. To help them heal and thrive without being dependent on synthetic hormones to manage their symptoms. And to empower people that you don't need any special degrees or certificates to take charge of your health! 

I healed from birth control all on my own. I'm still doing it. And you can do it too. I believe in you! You just have to believe in yourself now and watch the magic happen :) :)

Ready to get off birth control and see how your body can thrive with your own hormones?

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