Should I Restart Birth Control After Stopping?

So many of us wonder if we should get back on birth control when symptoms don't subside

I totally get it. You had great intentions of ditching birth control for your health and you were excited to see how your life would improve. So you quit and were ready for the transition into your new post-birth control life. The thought of being on it for so long was worrying you and you were doing so well for those first couple of weeks off! And then things started going downhill... and then the snowball got bigger as your symptoms rapidly declined. And then all of a sudden you wonder if it's even worth it to continue pushing through, or just get back on the dang pill. It wasn't really that bad, was it? 

Here's my opinion, and with everything, take it or leave it! Remember that while you're on birth control, your hormones are flatlined. Nothing is fluctuating how it should and ovulation is prevented (that's how pregnancy is prevented). If you were on birth control for 10 years, your brain hasn't had to signal to your hormones to do their job for a decade. That's a LONG time, okay? When you get off birth control, your brain is having to relearn how to communicate to your ovaries to ovulate, raise certain hormones at certain times, etc. It can take some time! That's partly the reason I believe that some of us have seemingly regular cycles right off birth control and then they start to get wonky. Anywho, this relearning and rebalancing process can take some time. A lot more time that some of us realize. 

So when we get to our breaking point, it becomes very appealing to get back on so these symptoms go away. But what's really happening is our brain is becoming even more confused because you're telling it to stop controlling your hormones (when taking birth control), and then to start controlling them again (when stopping birth control). This back and forth transition can be too much for our brains to handle and it can be overwhelming to our entire body! We're prolonging this healing process by getting back on synthetic hormones that are doing more harm than good to our bodies. We're not allowing our body to do what it knows how to do, which is heal. Because guess what happens when you want to try and get off again? 

Your healing process starts all over at the beginning when you first tried to get off.. 

Do your hormones a favor and if you really want to optimize them and quit birth control, quit for good and don't get back on! I promise it's worth it in the end when you've fully recovered and healed. You'll thank yourself for pushing through the hard times, while also learning to love your body's magical healing capabilities, too. 

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