Do Toxins Cause Hormonal Imbalances?

So what's the deal with endocrine disrupting chemicals anyways?

If you're wanting to balance your hormones naturally, you owe it to yourself to really consider what our every day products are doing to our hormones. A lot of them contain ingredients that mess with our hormones called endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs), and can even contribute to infertility, PCOS, endometriosis, developmental disabilities, miscarriages, and more hormonal issues. 

Especially if you just ditched birth control, you're going to want to stay away from these EDCs. Your body is already going through enough as it is. You don't want to drag this crucial healing process out anymore than it will take by filling it with ingredients that are going to prevent your natural hormones from functioning. 

That's what EDCs do. They mess up our hormones in two main ways. 

The first way is by acting like our natural hormones. They pretend to be them and can turn on hormonal responses in the body, often at inopportune times. Of course, they aren't our natural hormones, so it's very scary that our bodies can mistake these things for our natural hormones. 

The second way EDCs contribute to hormone imbalances is by blocking receptor sites. Our hormones fit like a lock and key into certain receptors in our body. If these EDCs are blocking those receptors, our hormones can't get in and function properly. Even if we have adequate levels of hormones in the body, that likely won't matter if our receptors are blocked in the first place. 

It might not seem like switching over your household cleaner or your favorite perfume will make a difference in your hormone health or your heavy, painful periods, or possibly help you get pregnant. It can actually make all the difference in the world. Studies have shown that our bodies start to heal at a cellular level after about 3 days of switching over to a safer product!! Imagine what can happen if you worked towards switching out multiple products in your house, or eventually all of them.

Take it from me. Avoiding EDCs is a small step that can make a massive difference in your hormone health and hormone-balancing journey! 

For more info on where these EDCs are found and some safe swaps to try, check out my Toxin Free for Hormone Health online course!! It might just be what you've been looking for :)

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