Balancing Hormones Is About More Than Just Taking Supplements

When you think of balancing your hormones, what do you think of? 

Shelling out all this cash for weird supplements that you have to take all at once before eating anything else in your day? Overspending on all organic food because you heard that eating organic is the way to be healthier? Worrying about the holidays because you're used to indulging in the sweets and alcohol but you think you can't do that anymore ever again? 

Some of those may help, yes. And if you make a habit of living by the 90/10 rule or even the 80/20 rule (heck sometimes even 70/30), you will see positive changes in your hormones. 

Wanna know what will really help more than anything though? 

Getting quality sleep. Aiming to eat as healthy as you  can within your means. Sweating daily however that may look to you. Moving your body a bit. Keeping stress down as much as possible. Pooping consistently. Yeah, we went there! All of the lifestyle things really make a difference in your hormones, so don't neglect them!

Hormones are finicky. Even one little thing can temporarily throw them off into some sort of imbalance. But the good thing is, you don't have to spend more time, money, or resources on getting your hormones back to where they feel best. Just focus on the basics. Sleep, stress, food, movement, sweat, and poop. It's easy when you really think about it! 

We want to make sure
that what we're putting into our bodies is optimizing our hormones, as well as focus on the exit pathways that allow the excess junk to be released. If we're aware of what goes in, it's easier to expel what doesn't belong when we live life and enjoy the sweets or alcohol or whatever it may be. Because I don't like to think of it as "cheating". ;)

Hormone balance is a lifestyle. It doesn't have to be hard and getting back to the basics is an amazing first step that will do a majority of the heavy lifting. Then, when you want even more support, you can look into supplements and products that will kick it up a notch. Either way you go about it, I gotchu! :)

Want a list of some of my hormone non-negotiables and things that I try to practice every day/week? Let me know and I can send it over! Easy to implement steps that will likely help your hormones too. Talk soon! 
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