The Stress and Hormone Connection (Part 1)

Stressed? You're not doing your hormones any good! :(

Welcome back to the blog! I promised this post a while ago, but things have been crazy and I've been pulled in different directions at my day job with transitioning to remote work while our new office is being built. So you can say it's been a bit hectic lately!! Stress is a little higher and with that comes a bit of a kick to the hormones. I shared a while ago that it's been estimated that approximate 90% of illness and disease is stress-related. Ummm, WHAT?!

We live in a world currently filled with so many stressors and also coming upon another sickness season. If you're telling me that almost all of my sickness is heightened and caused by stress, why aren't we taught that and doing more to destress? So if stress affects sickness, you better believe it affects your hormones!

When we're surrounded by chronic stress on a daily or weekly basis, our body essentially goes into fight or flight mode and increases production of cortisol. Continually. I read one time that stress today and stress in cavemen time is the same for our bodies, and it doesn't know the difference. So when our body perceives a threat to our literal lives when we're stressed out, it'll shut down the production of stress hormones and increase production of fight or flight and cortisol hormones. Ya know, just in case we're in an actual life-threatening situation (even if it's just a stressful month at work and you're getting no sleep). Also, if we're in a stressful situation, our bodies are going to prioritize our life and energy and realize that now's not really the right time to get pregnant. Hence the hormone shut down. Crazy, right?!

So what can we do to give our bodies the support it needs to destress? I have a few favorite ways to destress, which I will cover 
in a few days :) Check back for the post, and remember to stop for a bit sometimes to keep those stress hormones in check! You got this! Tell me in the comments below what your favorite way is to destress!
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