So What's the Big Deal with Toxins Anyways....? We're Exposed to Them Constantly As It Is

Toxins are everywhere and they're messing with your hormones. They just are...

I  know what you might be thinking. More talk on reducing toxins.. *cue eye rolls* It seems like everyone nowadays is talking about the importance of them.. Why do we even care if we're going to die anyways? Why do I want to cut back on using the products I love just so I can be a "bit" healthier? I've been using and consuming the same things for years and I'm still okay. What's the point of quitting now? 

Let's look at some excuses people have for not switching their products and lifestyle to toxic-free and why it's so important to ditch as many as possible when we're transitioning off birth control. Ready?

"Oh this is not worth my time, I have too much else going on."

"Those things cost too much and I don't have the budget for them."

"What's the point if I've been using these products all my life and I'm fine? These things aren't REALLY impacting my hormones that much, are they?"

One of the biggest excuses people have for not ditching andswitching their traditional products is that chemicals are in everything and not all of them are bad. Yes, both of those are true. However, the toxins I'm talking about are known endocrine disruptors (aka they mess up your hormone health and make things harder, more painful, can reduce fertility, etc). Parabens, phthalates, fragrance, sulfates, polyethylene glycols (PEGs), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), and more. Although companies are getting better at acknowledging that we don't want these things in our products, they're STILL IN USE. And they can really add up in the body and mess with your hormones if you're only using "a little bit here and a little bit there."

Ever heard of bioaccumulation? It's when the little toxins you use every day add up in your body. Over time, it can be a HUGE load on your body and take a toll on your health. It likely already has, you just aren't aware of it. Lots of companies will say "Oh we have just a bit of parabens in our product for preservation, but it's very small and won't harm you with proper use." How many other companies are you buying from that are saying the exact same thing? You think your body and liver are doing their job perfectly by detoxing your body of these toxins at they rate they're coming in? Maybe, but probably not. Why don't we help it out a bit and reduce the amount of toxins in the first place? 

It's time we start taking better care of our health. We literally only have ONE BODY and ONE LIFE to live. And this transition off birth control is hard enough as it is.. Why make it any harder for your body by also continuing to use toxins day in and day out that further prolong this healing process? It made such a big difference in my own hormones and I know it will help yours too. If you're looking for natural hormone balancing tips, my number one is ditching the toxins! There ain't nothin natural about toxic chemicals!! 

Need any suggestions on how to start inventorying your products to ensure they're not filled with hormone-harming ingredients? Check out my Toxin Free for Hormone Health online course :)

You are doing great and remember, you have SO much power to heal your body. You just have to give it better tools sometimes :)
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