My Entire Life As I Knew It Changed With This One Decision...


I was just like everyone else. Prescribed birth control in my early teens to help alleviate a symptom that was hormonally-driven and driving me bonkers! For me, that was my acne. It was the cystic kind, it hurt, nothing that the dermatologist gave me was truly helping like I wanted it to. Why not try birth control? And oh yeah preventing pregnancy was a cool perk too! 

Everything was "fine" during those seven years I was on birth control. Fine in the sense of I would get sick a few times a year, take over-the-counter or prescription meds if needed to help my symptoms, went to the gym because I wanted to be skinnier, did as I was told to in society, etc. I was your average run of the mill twenty-something year old trying to find her way in this world. But I really wasn't fine as I would later come to find out...

And then one day, something changed. I had been following this influencer on Instagram and she was sharing her experinece with birth control and telling me all these things I NEVER knew about it. After being introduced to the ways that hormonal birth control was seriously impacting my body, I continued to read and learn about things that I wish I knew before going on birth control. My doctor sure as heck didn't tell me this stuff, or if she did, I didn't listen because I was too busy feeling grown up and cool for being on birth control in high school. Haha, good old 16 year old Sydney... 

Back to  2019. I was finally ready to get off my birth control. I did my due diligence as much as I could and I was ready for this change. I was at this point where I wasn't comfortable with not having my real period and not knowing what my body was like anymore. 

My appointment was in September where I was going to get the non-hormonal IUD, ParaGard. I needed something as a backup and sure as heck didn't trust myself tracking naturally! So this was the best option for me at  the time. 

A couple days after I got the IUD with my bf in Nashville, loving life and not sure what to expect with my hormones!

So what happened then? Life went on as normal, I got my real period back right away, and had no problems or post-birth controls symptoms at all. Easy peasy? HA I WISH. 
Stay tuned for how my life looks now in Part 2!

Want more discussion on how to naturally balance your hormones after birth control? Need some more birth control facts and education? How about a support group of those just like you wanting to get off birth control but are worried about the transition? Join the Happy Healthy Hormones Community! Hope to see you in there :)    
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