Why You Can't Predict Your Post-Birth Control Symptoms (and a look into some of mine)

Can you imagine if we could predict our post-birth control symptoms? We'd be set!

Okay you guys... I think I finally have it figured out... Right?! Maybe. 

When I got off hormonal birth control almost two years ago, I didn't really know what to expect. I knew I would have this transition that I'd have to work through. I read about all the possibilities such as acne, hair loss, weight gain, amenorrhea (loss of period), mood swings, anxiety/depression, adrenal fatigue, thyroid issues, PCOS, migraines, gut imbalances, etc. I glazed over most of this stuff because I had heard it before and I was really interested in the acne, hair loss, weight gain, and amenorrhea (because at the time, I thought that's what I might be likely dealing with). Those other things, along with others, I didn't think much of because why would I have to worry about it if I didn't deal with those in the past before getting on birth control?!

Big mistake.

When you find some post-birth control symptoms that COULD happen to you, I encourage you to read it all. Read all of the possibilities you could have because you never know what's waiting for you on the other side of hormonal birth control. You can't see into the future or crystal ball and predict which symptoms you'll deal with because no one (that I know of!) can accurately predict the future. Additionally, everyone is so unique in how they deal with birth control and how they deal with the transition off. So your uniqueness brings the mystery of your individual post-birth control symptoms. And that's okay! 

As with everything in life, expect the unexpected. Cliché, I know, but it's SO true! You really have no idea how your body will react, but you can bet that whatever you went on birth control to "fix" or "heal" will likely come back. Sometimes worse than when you when on it in the first place :( For me, that was acne. And I really thought I was ready for it, but man it doesn't make it any easier. 

Along with the return of my acne (*sigh*), I experienced the brief weight gain, the hair loss, the gut imbalance that resulted in painful, red, rashes, and probably the most unexpected symptom of all: post-birth control PCOS. I think.. I wasn't quite diagnosed with it, but my hormone levels a few months after I got off birth control and then almost 6 months later showed indications that I was dealing with a bit of it. The location of my acne and the painful cysts that accompanied it were also very similar to Dr. Google pics I looked at. News flash: Dr. Google is NOT recommended, but at the time, it's what I had to make me come to this conclusion. 

Soooooo when I finally came to this conclusion that I have PCOS (I think), what did I do? 

I cried. Wept. Bawled. HOW could this be happening!? More on that emotional rollercoaster later, but my takeaways are this.. 

Your post-birth control symptoms are not super predictable.
Expect the unexpected. 
Be as prepared as you can possibly be for this emotional rollercoaster that you could end up on. 
It WILL get better. It really will. 

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