IUD Removal (Part 1)

It was finally time. My iud was coming out.

I've had this baby (my IUD, not a real baby) for the last three years ever since I got off hormonal birth control. It was my fallback plan because I wasn't comfortable enough with tracking. It was the next best option to hormonal birth control for me since we don't want kids right now and it was pretty dang effective despite having no hormones. And I've loved it!!!

Seriously. Insertion was the absolute worst pain of my life so far, although I got through it. After that first day of intense cramping and taking it easy, it was easy going for the entire three years. No changes in flow or intensity of my period like my doctor told me I might experience. No migration or perforation into my uterus like I read about. No disruption to my life other than that first day. It was the best choice for me the last three years and allowed me to dig deeper into my body and health and recognize my potential to track my cycle so I can eventually track naturally. I'm still working on recognizing those signs of ovulation and work towards perfecting fertility awareness. 

I had thought about ditching my IUD many times before. It's been heavy on my mind for the last few months honestly the more I looked into the other side effects/dangers of it. Nothing is completely 100% perfect for everyone and there's always pros and cons to each method of birth control. I never actually pulled the trigger on scheduling the appointment for removal though until just recently (aka 2 days since writing this post). However, this time felt different and right, and before I even had time to overthink about it, I was calling to schedule a time to have it removed. 

The few days I had between that call and the day of my appointment were filled with tons of emotions. Gratitude for how far I've come with learning about my body and hormones. Worry for whether or not I could actually take on this "challenge" of tracking my fertility without any sort of backup. Assurance that I have SO many resources at my disposal to learn and grow in my confidence. And so many others! However, I knew in my heart that it was time for me to release this foreign object that had been a part of me for the last few years. 

And I was ready! Or so I thought...(?!)

Stick around for Part 2 next week when I discuss the removal process. See you then! :)

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