IUD Removal (Part 2)

Don't hype yourself up too much, now. It's just an IUD removal.

Alright, alright. The time came where I was getting my IUD removed! Since this was my first experience with it, naturally I went to Dr. Google for alllll the things. I highly do NOT recommend you do that, btw. Save your peace. You will be perfectly fine. It'll be out before you know it haha! 

*disclaimer that I'm 100% not gaslighting you if your experience was awful and I'm truly sorry if you had any complications*

Okay, so here I was sitting in the parking lot since I was surprisingly early for my appointment! If you know me, you know I'm always just a little bit behind. Trying my hardest with affirmations, oils, a meditation that I was finishing up, etc. Basically all the things to calm my overactive mind down. Then it was time to go in. 

I had to put on a stupid mask (ugh) and chose a kid one because regular adult masks don't fit my small face haha. Filled out the paperwork, and they called my name. A dude called my name, and I started to internally panic. Now don't get me wrong, I'm sure there are a ton of really amazing male OBGYNs out there, but I'm personally not comfortable with a guy all up in my business and I specifically requested a female provider for this appointment. He was only present to take notes of why I was there and then the female nurse came in to do the actual removal *PHEW*. If homebro didn't leave, I would have 100% requested a female and I think it's perfectly fine to be picky with your doctor. After all, they are the ones working for you and not the other way around. Remember that. 

Okay so it was finally time. I laid down on the bed (?), looked up at the ceiling, and noticed some fancy paper birds hanging from a string. Relaxing, I thought haha. She put the plastic speculum in me, opened me up, and told me my cervix was playing hide and seek. Apparently it was way up there, which made sense for where I was at in my cycle (around ovulation). She also told me it was tilted slightly to the left, which made sense to me since I feel like my menstrual cup works best when it's positioned in me facing slightly left. Then came time for removal. 

She said she was going to grab ahold of the strings, have me take a deep breath in, cough, and she'd pull it out at the same time. Similar to what Dr. Google told me might happen. Okay, I can do that easy! Deep breath in, cough cough, pull. I felt a small pinching sensation. She said she'd have to try it again because it didn't come out. Ummmm what?! Okay fine. Breathe in, cough cough, pull. Felt a similar pinching sensation and a bit of pressure. I still felt like it didn't come out and I was fully expecting to do it a third time. But then girlfriend was taking the speculum out of me! 

"Was that it?" I asked. "Yep you're all good!", she said. 

So I sat up, she was explaining things to me that I don't quite remember now, I asked to keep my IUD as a souvenir,  etc. And as she continued to talk, all of a sudden things went downhill on me. Fast. My hearing started getting faint, my vision was getting black and tunnely, and I asked her if I could stay in here and take my time getting ready. She said sure take as much time as you need! She left the room, and I immediately had to lay down, otherwise I would have been forced to lay down by passing out. 

Peep my cute Mickey kid's mask when I was finally able to move from laying down to seated haha!! I was SO relieved, but man, being on the brink of fainting is NOT it.. More on that next time, so stick around. Part 3 coming soon!

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