Setbacks are going to happen. Here's how to handle them.

Setbacks happen... it's a fact of life and likely to happen on this hormone healing journey! 

One of the definitions of a setback is "an event that delays your progress or reverses some of the progress you have made". UGH. :( We don't want that!! We want to keep continuing to progress and heal. To get to that ultimate goal of hormone balance without birth control.

I'm one of those perfectionist people-pleasers that's never going to be good enough for everyone and take stuff super personal. Anyone else?! *the whole room raises their hands* I'm also SUPER critical of myself and when things don't go my way, I take it personally and know I must have done something wrong, which flips a switch in my mind and temporarily puts me in this "I can't do anything right, why even bother?" mentality. It sucks, quite frankly, and something I have to actively work on almost every day.

 Through this hormone-balancing journey off birth control, I have really taken a step back to not only figure out where those woe-is-me feelings have stemmed from (childhood), but also remember that I'm doing my best, my best looks different than someone else's best, and remembering just HOW far I've actually come in the short amount of time that I've been off birth control. I have to remember that my body was continually controlled by synthetic hormones for 7-8 years and give it grace.  

The big thing for me to do and remember when I'm in a funk and setback are to remember that this is only temporary. And I'm not a failure. Every storm runs out of rain, things will get better, yada yada. It's true, as cliché as it is! I know by now what works for my body and what doesn't. So when I slip up and have setbacks, I really take a step back to analyze what happened days or weeks prior to my setback, adjust, and learn for the next time. I journal and track about it. I talk to my boyfriend and friends about it. I am AWARE of it. And then I adjust. Because it's not like we have just one chance to do this healing right and if we mess up, all hope is lost. No way! It's all just temporary, right? Our bodies are magical and when we give it the tools to heal, it knows what to do.

Birth control is not the devil, although I may feel different now that I'm cursing it out after getting off it. You will likely experience setbacks in healing whatever post-birth control symptoms come up for you. That's OKAY. It's part of the process. Part of the journey. Part of the healing. Part of you.

Deal? Deal. :) Comment below on a recent setback and how you felt about it and then overcame it! You're not alone in this and maybe someone else is feeling the same way as you.
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