Should I Be Worried About EMFs?

like a lot of things, EMFS ARE negatively IMPACTING OUR HORMONES.

We use our phones most of the day. We go to work and use our computers and laptops. We use our AirPods on our commute home or at the gym. We're checking our smart watches constantly throughout the day and have Bluetooth set up in our cars to play our music. Then we end the day by binging our favorite show on TV. With how connected and "plugged in" our society is, we're exposed to EMFs basically 24/7. And those EMFs are messing with our hormones. 

You've heard of EMFs, right? Electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Electromagnetic fields are invisible areas of energy that are produced by electric energy and magnetic energy (hence the name electromagnetic).  They're around when we use our electronic devices and researchers are continuing to discover how these EMFs are impacting our health. These effects include "genetic damage, reproductive defects, neurological degeneration and nervous system dysfunction, immune system dysfunction, cancer and other serious health concerns. Other studies have made a connection between EMF radiation and cellular breakdown and interference in cellular communication."1

I've heard conflicting viewpoints of how some EMF exposure isn't all bad, but there's increasing evidence that even those small exposures can add up, just like they can when using toxin endocrine disrupting chemicals in our products. Remember, bioaccumulation is a real thing! Also can we stop downplaying just how dangerous our world is by saying these things "aren't damaging" to us? It's doing us a huge disservice, completely dismissing our health, and makes me so mad!! I digress.. 

Okay, so what is it about EMFs specifically that impact our hormones and why should we be concerned? Well, one study I read showed a strong correlation between EMF exposure and infertility, fetal abnormalities, hormone levels, and timing of ovulation. Further, EMF exposure decreased sperm quality, changed sperm structure, and changed the hormone levels in male testes. So yes, EMFs can and do impact our hormones and for added hormone balancing, it's best to reduce EMF exposure as much as possible! 

Read below for some ways to reduce EMF exposure in your life:
-Grounding: Physically standing with your feet on the bare earth helps to neutralize free radicals in your body, which are built up in the body when exposed to EMFs. It can be hard in the winter when it's cold, but try and ground as much as you can!! Make sure it's the bare earth (sand, dirt, grass, etc). Concrete doesn't count!
-Fennel: Apparently the antioxidant levels in fennel can help reduce the harmful effects of EMFs on the reproductive system. Grab my favorite fennel oil here!
-Potatoes: I haven't personally tested this, but some claim that placing a potato near a computer, laptop, or phone helps because the EMFs are absorbed by the potato. It definitely wouldn't hurt to try!!
-Airplane Mode: Sticking your devices on airplane mode when not in use can be helpful in reducing EMFs since there's no signal coming to your device.
-EMF-protective clothing: You can buy special clothing or blankets that have EMF-protection sewn into them! Helpful for going through airport security, or if you have your laptop on your lap. 
-EMF-Blocking Stickers: I have these stickers on both my phone and AirPods! There's just something scary to me about having my AirPods so close to my brain and the radiation that's continually going through the two earbuds. These stickers are third-party tested to deflect radiation and their test results are right on the website!
-Reduce physical distance: Being able to reduce your distance from devices has been shown to reduce the amount of EMFs getting into your system! Don't sleep with your phone under your pillow and PLEASE do not carry your phone in your bra!! 

Hope this helps you all! If we can reduce EMFs even just a little bit to help balance our hormones, it's worth it to me :)  

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