Remember Your Why

why are you working towards transitioning off hormonal birth controL? Let that be your guide.

Welcome back to another post! If you've been around for a bit or are brand new, I'm glad you're here :) 

Today I want to go over a little bit of mindset. I knowwwww we don't care about mindset. We're all about naturally transitioning off birth control! But guess what? They go hand in hand and you'd be surprised just how much mental stamina you need to continue on a journey like this.

I remember when I was just thinking about getting off birth control and realizing that it was gonna be a hard transition. I knew I would have ups and downs and good days and bad days. I didn't realize that I'd be crying my eyes out some nights because I didn't know if my acne would ever get better or if I was going to have a regular cycle again after I basically missed a period one month. It's freaking HARD work trying to balance your hormones naturally. It's hard and can be very lonely if you're going through it alone like I was. 

No one knows what it's like when you put your body through this massive transition that uproots everything you thought you knew about your body. Because when we really start to think about it, the things that were going on weren't actually your body's natural state. It can't possibly be when you've been on medication to literally shut off your brain's connection to your ovaries for who knows how long. So when you're making this massive transition and shifting your state of being, not only will it take a bit of time, but only those who have been through it truly know what it feels like, both physically and mentally. If you're like me, I only knew one girl on Instagram who was brave enough to share a bit of her experience and inspire me to do my own research and eventually get off. And my boyfriend, but he didn't really know what it was like. 

So what's my biggest tip for when you're in the trenches, your biggest post-birth control nightmares are currently happening full force, and you feel like no one understands what you're going through or how to help? 

Remember your why. Truly think about WHY you're getting off hormonal birth control and let it guide you to better times. 

Remember that this hard, devastating, gloomy time is just a snippet of your entire life and it WILL get better. Maybe your why is that you don't want to be controlled by a medication for the rest of your life. Maybe you want to eventually have kids in the near future so you want to prep your body for it now. Maybe you just don't like the way you feel on hormonal birth control anymore. Whatever your reason, make sure you have it clear in your head and go back to it OFTEN!! 

It's so easy to sit in the crappiness of post-birth control life because it's different and if you're anything like me, change is scary and sometimes hard. Make sure your why is SO STRONG that it gives you hope of what the future will bring. It will get better. I promise! If you're ready to be surrounded by a community of like-minded individuals on their own non-toxic post-birth control journey, join my free Facebook group here! :) 
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