Some of my Favorites that I think You'll LOVE

almond cow

If you want an easy way to make plant-based milks without all the junk, infused waters, etc, you'll love the Almond Cow milk maker! With the push of a button, you're on your way to making some of the best homemade milks ever! The website has so many recipes with different milks, mocktails/cocktails, foods, desserts, and more. No extra materials required other than the machine, so easy clean up too.
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Beauty by earth

Don't have time to sit out in the sun all day or worried about increasing your risk of skin cancer? Other self tanners make your skin break out and itchy? Looking for what I believe is the best non-toxic brand? I could never use a self tanner before I found this one. Read about my review of it here and check out their website! 



Branch basics

When you think of cleaning products, you probably think of bleach, Clorox, Lysol, ammonia, etc, right? And they likely give you headaches and you have to leave the room because the scent is so overpowering right? Do you have to have all these harsh chemicals to get a good clean? HECK NO! They're actually immensely harmful to your endocrine system and hormones. With the transition off birth control, we don't want our process to be any harder than it needs to be, right? Branch Basics has amazing cleaning concentrate you can use for EVERYTHING. Washing your car, cleaning your kitchen and bathroom, cleaning your pet, use it as shampoo, etc. And their Oxygen Boost is my go-to for any stains! They vanish and I'm continually blown away at how amazing this stuff works! 
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Literally the best Botox alternative! Not only is Botox expensive, but it's a literal neurotoxin injected into your head and can have serious health implications. There's a reason it has a black box warning with it, which is the highest safety warning of any drug. It's just not worth it to me, so I choose to do things the natural way. Frownies are customizable patches that you stick to your face, which forms a solid cast and prevents and smooths fine lines and wrinkles. Get $10 off your first order with my link!



Hormone trio

If you follow me on social media, you know how much I love and share about this trio for helping to balance my hormones! It's a combination of three essential oils and serums that I rotate based on where I'm at in my cycle. When I tell you I wish I started this stuff sooner and you will too, you better believe it! I'm a different person when I forget to use these. Don't be like me and wait so long to try them. Support your hormones with plants!



Loop earplugs

Hearing is important. Protecting it is also important. But foam earplugs can be annoying and they're definitely not stylish. They can also block out too much sound and prevent us from having conversations with other people. I found these on an Instagram ad ad absolutely fell in love! Not only do they protect my hearing, but they come in so many fun colors, I can still have conversations with them, and they come in different styles that reduce sounds by different frequencies. It's been such a lifesaver as someone who can get easily overwhelmed with things. Reducing the noise around me helps my mood significantly! Get some for sleep, festivals/concerts, or to block some noise out, but still be able to engage with the world.
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MakeUp Eraser

If you're not removing your makeup at the end of the day before you go to sleep, you need to reprioritize yo'self! Sleeping with makeup on has a whole bunch of negative side effects, many of which no one is looking for. I don't care how lazy or tired you are. Take your makeup off! But do it safely with MakeUp Eraser! Using just water, this is a quick and easy way to remove makeup without any harmful toxic chemicals and is safe for sensitive skin.
Erase Your Face



Heatless curls are all the rage right now and I didn't get it until I got it. Now that I got it, I rarely ever curl my hair. It's just too easy to do it in my sleep! While the curls start out being a bit too stringy, they eventually fall during the day and I end up with super cute loose curls/waves. Freaking love them and every time I take them out, I'm always impressed. They're comfy to sleep in too! 



The period company

Period undies that are toxin free, comfy, leak free, AND affordable?? Sign me up! Seriously, I've been surprised by how much I actually love these period undies. I was always a pad and tampon girl before I realized how toxic most of them are for you. Now I switch between the cup and undies. Check them out! You'll love them.




This acupressure mat is one of my all-time favorite purchases to this day! I had no idea I could get so relaxed by laying on spikes.. it helps calm my nervous system down, I sleep better after laying on it, and it can help with sore muscles, headaches, and more. Do NOT be scared off by the price. I tried a cheaper quality mat and barely used it because it sucked. The quality of this mat is unparalleled and you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.



Practicing Fertility Awareness Method and looking for an easy to use basal body thermometer?? Tempdrop is my favorite! It helps confirm ovulation rather than predict it. No algorithm is smarter than your body, so don't trust any of the apps that claim to "predict" when you'll ovulate. Read more about Tempdrop here and why I love it so much. 




Are you using an EMF protection sticker on your Bluetooth devices? If not, why not?? EMFs are extremely harmful to us. Check out this blog post I did on how EMFs can impact your hormones. Waveblock uses a third party to test the EMF waves emitted from our devices with and without their stickers, and there's a shocking difference by using them!
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Young living

I use essential oils for just about everything! But just like all other things, you get what you pay for. Quality over quantity. It matters what oils you buy since they aren't regulated. You can read all about my journey with essential oils and my favorite ways to use them here. Click on the links below to learn more about the only brand I trust for my oils. If you're ready to order, click the Order button!

Just so you know, I may earn a commission off the links on this page at no cost to you through the Amazon Affiliate program and other affiliate programs. I appreciate your support and love sharing my favorite products with you! :)