Yay I'm super excited to send over the journal prompts! Check your email for them and they should be coming over shortly  :)

When you receive them, feel free to print out the document to write on or write in your own journal. I created these prompts as a precursor to getting off birth control so you really have some of your ducks in a row and it gets your brain primed for this adventure you're about to embark on! Or if you're not quite ready yet, it'll at least get you thinking about if you're ready to get off and what it's going to take from you mentally and physically! 

As an added bonus, when you fill out these prompts, I encourage you to keep your paper or journal handy for when you need a refresher/encouragement as you make this transition. It's likely going to challenge you and being able to read back on your hopes and desires for a birth control-free life will give you that continued push to keep on doing the work. 

While you're waiting for the email, learn more about me here! :) :)